Floating Hotel on the Danube

Floating Hotel Danubius Pontic tip is classified by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism in category 4****,meeting all EU standards of comfort and safety.

Danubius Pontic****Floating Hotel is equipped with three deks:on the first deck are arranged the double rooms,on the second deck is the restaurant and on the third deck is an open terrace equipped with lounge chair,bar area for"after lunch"relaxation and a beautiful landscape.

At the first level are located 7 rooms with double bed.

At level 2 are located:

-A very stylish restaurant with a capacity of 24 seats,equipped TV satellite,home cinema with sound of the highest quality,DVD,Internet acces.

-Inside the restaurant we can organize events and trainings.

-Bar where you can have your favorite drinks:(alcoholic and non),and also exotic and delicious cocktails prepared at the bar.

-As well as 2 double bedrooms in the opposite part of the restaurant.

Level 3 is equipped with an open terrace with 2 areas:

-The "after lunch" area consists of 2 sets(sofa and 2 armchairs)and 2 tables,where in front of the outer bar you may serve a refreshing cofee after a appetizing meal.

-Beach area:consisting of lounge chairs and a large Jacuzzi that can cheer up even more your holiday.